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Muscle strength


Under the guidance of Dr.Sharon Clark, the fibromyalgia fitness team performs strengthening exercises while standing, sitting and lying down.  Sections are divided so that participants can do one section, take a day off then do another section followed by a day off, etc.  Instructions for safely changing position and how to progress from beginner to more advanced are given.  Illustrations of each muscle group are provided, allowing exercisers to precisely identify the muscles to be worked.  There are fun-filled warm-up and warm-down sessions for you to do along with the entire FM exercise team. 

This tape was used in a research study that showed that FM patients were able to become stronger and decrease pain. Muscle strength is very important for persons with fibromyalgia (FM).  Strong muscles are less prone to injury, improve balance, and increase metabolic rate thus helping with weight loss. When muscles are strong, each activity requires less effort.  Unfortunately FM patients usually experience decreased muscle tone and strength.  This loss often interferes with the ability to perform daily activities.  Previous attempts to improve strength may have resulted in increased pain or even a generalized flare. This 75 minute videotape teaches the proper techniques for improving muscle tone.  All major muscle groups are exercised, using movements that have been shown to minimize post-exertional pain

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